EFL Writing Teacher Education: Issues and Challenges

EFL Writing Teacher Education: Issues and Challenges
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status quo: concepts on writing in EFL needs to be updated(for teachers: lack of feedbacks and writing-related competencies, time-consuming marking wrting, little idea about how to teach writing, for students: inadquate input from teachers )

issues at stake: writing should be a muitl-dimensional concept(linguistic knowledge, sociolinguistic and discourse knowledge); writing competence(linguistic, ideational, pragmatic and discourse competence)


writing is a tool to reinforce language patterns, while teachers play a dominating role with a thin sense of identity


function: broaden teachers' perspectives on writing and the teaching of writing; expand roles od writing in th language classroom; encourage teachers to share responsibility with students; engage teachers in ongoing professional development; inspire them to write on teacher-learner experince;



The Chinese University of Hong Kong


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