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In this talk Professor West considers student assessment, and its role in increasing student performance. Drawing on the seminal work of Black and Wiliam (2001) he argues that research findings tell us that purposeful use of assessment is one of the most potent strategies available to teachers, but that throughout education systems. He reports current thinking on best assessment practice, and describes the purposes and roles played by different assessment regimes.

Of course, varying assessment practices within the formal and generally rigid examination structures of most HE contexts is not easy. Nevertheless, he suggests that so long as we see assessment primarily as a mechanism for classifying students rather than an intrinsic part of teaching and learning, we will continue to miss important opportunities to enhance learning quality.



Mel West is a Professor of Education Leadership at Manchester University. During his career, Mel has worked with school systems in a number of countries in Europe, South America and Africa, and has developed particularly strong links with China, and over several years he held visiting professorships at Beijing Normal and East China Normal Universities, and in 2013 he spent a semester at the Centre for Education Research in Tsinghua University, teaching qualitative research methods to postgraduate social science students. He was recently appointed, within the Chinese Ministry of Education’s Visiting Foreign Expert Programme, to work with Beijing Foreign Studies University, contributing to the continuing development of the International Business School and assisting with development of a new School of Education.



1. 教育管理学知名专家Mel West教授主讲,传递前沿教学与评估理念

2. 帮助教师全面认识外语课堂教学中评估的作用,改进和优化课堂评估策略

3. 从国际视角探讨如何在外语教学中进行有效的课堂评估,以鼓励学生充分发挥主体性,全面提升教学效果



1. 以目的为导向,帮助外语教师全面认识外语课堂教学中的评估,有效组织课堂

2. 帮助教师发现自身教学中的关于评估的潜在问题,为其优化课堂评估策略提供合理、可操作的意见和建议



1. 外语教育领域的教师,包括:高校及基础教育阶段外语教师、培训机构外语教师等

2. 外语专业高年级本科生及研究生

3. 对外语教学及教学评估感兴趣的学者和人群








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