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批判性思维是理性和创造性的核心构成,是创造知识、合理决策的最重要的主观条件。批判性思维能力和创新能力的培育作为人才培养的关键环节,是推动科技兴国、民族复兴的重要基石。在课程中,美国批判性思维运动的主要代表人物范西昂博士(Dr. Peter Facione)论述了当前批判性思维的主流思想,并且演示了最新的研究方法。




Peter Facione

Dr. Peter (Pete) Facione is a senior research associate with Insight Assessment and a principal at Measured Reasons LLC, a Los Angeles based research and consulting firm supporting excellence in strategic thinking and leadership decision making.

His consulting work has included long term and short term projects for several branches of the US military, various NGOs and government agencies, professional associations, national labs, and public and private universities and colleges throughout the US and around the world.

He maintains an active speaking, writing, consulting and research agenda, with well over 150 publications including essays, books, articles, case studies, and educational testing tools. His tools for assessing reasoning are used around the world. These include the California Critical Thinking Skills Test, the California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory, the Health Sciences Reasoning Test, the Business Critical Thinking Skills Test, the Legal Studies Reasoning Profile, the Military & Defense Critical Thinking Inventory, Professional Judgment Rating Form, and the Holistic Critical Thinking Scoring Rubric.

Dr. Facione is internationally known for his work on the definition and measurement of critical thinking. He was the lead investigator on an international research project which articulated a cross-disciplinary expert consensus regarding the skills and habits of mind that constitute college level critical thinking. That research, which was sponsored by the American Philosophical Association, has formed the basis for numerous academic replication studies and government policy studies about critical thinking in the workplace, including research sponsored by the US Department of Education.



1. 了解当前批判性思维的主流思想,以及最新的研究方法。

2. 帮助教师及研究者们了解关于批判性思维教学与评估,开拓教学思路。





1. 外语教师

2. 外语专业高年级本科生及研究生

3. 对批判性思维领域感兴趣的学习者